3 nuevos DLCs para Battlefield

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3 nuevos DLCs para Battlefield

Mensaje por SkaZziTu el Miér 07 Mar 2012, 22:15


1- Infatería mapas pequeños
2- Vehículos mapas grandes
3- Secreto - Yo creo que metan bombas atómicas y esas cosas, a saber.

Copy/paste al canto:

EA and DICE are set to release three new expansion packs for Battlefield 3, the first of which will arrive as a timed PS3 exclusive.

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As its name suggests Battlefield 3: Close Quarters will include four maps focusing on up close and personal infantry combat, and it'll release in June with one week's PS3 exclusivity.

The second pack is Armoured Kill, a vehicle-focussed pack which will include new vehicles and big open maps, including "the biggest DICE has ever built."

The third pack on DICE's radar is End Game, which is supposedly so secret that "only a few people in Stockholm know about it," according to the developer.

The packs will include new weapons, Achievements / Trophies and/or vehicles

Speaking during a GDC press event, DICE also confirmed it's to launch a 'rent a server' program on consoles, allowing players to rent and customise their own servers and set them up exactly how they want to play. More details on that are expected shortly.


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Re: 3 nuevos DLCs para Battlefield

Mensaje por NeHo el Vie 09 Mar 2012, 16:41

Estoy de las DLC hasta la punta del nabo....



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